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Friction Test Equipment


Friction Test Equipment

Friction Test Equipment is used to determine the coefficient of friction (COF) for coated devices.

Functions of jMedtech’s standardized friction test equipment include:

Precisely control of the product clamping force with a high-precision controller (closed-loop), to drive the ball screw for control of the product's up and down movement. The equipment allows testing of surface friction during the movement and accurately measures the tensile force generated by friction on the sample.

0-500 g force measurement range available (force sensors of 0-600 g and 0-1000 g can also be customized).

Controlled by a PC of the Microsoft® Windows system, the user enters the parameters and controls the machine through a LCD touchscreen display with the frictional force curve displayed in real time. Test data can be stored and recalled at any time.

With a 37℃ water bath, the test data is more realistic and accurate.