Sleek™ Hydrophilic Antithrombogenic Dual-acting Coating_jMedtech Coating
Sleek™ Hydrophilic Antithrombogenic Dual-acting Coating


Product presentation

jMedtech is committed to provide a full-range coating solutions for clinical needs and customers by constantly developing innovative coating products. The self-developed hydrophilic antithrombogenic dual-acting coating is designed to create a surface on the medical devices, that is both hydrophilic lubricious and antithrombogenic.

jMedtech creatively combines the cationic polymer with a hydrophilic lubricious coating together and grafts the polymer onto the surface of medical devices through a chemical reaction to allow the coating become a part of the coating mesh structure. The coating is firmly anchored onto the devices, with coating thickness of about ten microns.

This coating creates an anticoagulant effect on the surface of the device, which reduces thrombosis initiated by protein aggregation. It does not contain pharmaceutical ingredients, making it more convenient for customers to carry out product registration.


Core advantages


Application products

The dual-acting coating, with hydrophilic lubrication and anticoagulant properties, is suitable for long-lasting instrument products for vascular interventions.

· Central venous catheter

· Peripheral central venous catheter

· Neural interventional catheter

· Guide sheath

· Hemodialysis tube

· Balloon catheter

· Others