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jHydro® Hydrophilic Coating for Metallic Device

Metal guide wire, mainly used for interventional treatment of peripheral arterial disease and cardiovascular disease. Common materials are stainless steel and/or nickel-titanium alloy.

The ideal guide wire should have a combination of the following characteristics:

  • Flexible guide wire to adjust to the curvature of the blood vessel.

  • Stiff guide wire to resist buckling during deployment.

  • Trackable guide wire to follow curves of tortuous blood vessels.

  • Torque supportable guide wire to allow transfer of torque from the proximal end to the tip of the guide wire (aim: 1:1 torque response).

  • Head plasticity of guide wire to allow easy shaping of the head end, while resisting permanent deformation for prolonged or multiple uses.

  • Haptic feedback of the guide wire to achieve sensing from the proximal end as the tip of the guide wire contacts vascular tissue and other tissue profiles.

  • Visibility of the guide wire to highlight and display shadow for positioning of the guide wire.

Due to the special properties of the metal guide wire, hydrophilic coating on such surfaces will present more challenging requirements, while ensuring the lubricity, stability, and retention of the special requirements of the metal guide wire itself.

Based on market demand and the technical difficulties feedbacked from various parties, jMedtech Coating has independently developed and launched jHydro® hydrophilic coating for metallic devices.

Core Advantages

1. Lubricity


Compared to uncoated wires, metal guide wires coated with jHydro® hydrophilic coatings reduce friction by more than 95%, reducing the coefficient of friction to 0.02. Results from friction tests, in vitro model tests and touch tests all show that the coating is highly lubricious.

Our coating makes it easier for the metal guide wire to pass through the blood vessels and other body orifices during treatment, avoiding possible punctures or frictional damage and discomfort.

2. Excellent durability

The jHydro® hydrophilic coating, with its strong adhesion to the surface of the metal guide wire, do not delaminate and precipitate particles when in use. After 25-50 cycles of friction testing, the coefficient of friction remains, and the appearance of the coating remains intact, showing that the coating has excellent durability.

3. Uniform and flat coating


In order to facilitate the observation of coating, the guide wire coated with jHydro® hydrophilic coating is treated with Congo red dye. After dyeing, it is observed that the appearance of the guide wire surface coating is uniform and complete with no wrinkle foaming nor peeling, and with good uniformity under the microscope.

4. Good flexibility of the coated metal guide wire


By testing the flexibility of the guide wire before and after coating on a background plate, we observe that the flexibility of the wire remains similar before and after coating.

With our proprietary formula, we are dedicated to maximize the flexibility and head plasticity of the guide wire, retain the special properties of the metal guide wire, and guarantee the smooth use of the guide wire during medical procedures.

Applications in Medical Devices

All kinds of medical interventional metal guide wire and metal spring guide wire.