jMedtech-Coating Products
  • jAqua<sup>®</sup> Hydrophilic Lubricious Coating
    jAqua® Hydrophilic Lubricious Coating
    Hydrophilic coating adsorbs and preserves moisture, significantly reducing the friction resistance of medical device surfaces, making it easier for catheters to slide along blood vessels, and avoid serious abrasion between the device surface and the tissue or blood vessel wall for optimal perfo
  • jHydro<sup>®</sup> Hydrophilic Coating for Metallic Device
    jHydro® Hydrophilic Coating for Metallic Device
    Metal guide wire, mainly used for interventional treatment of peripheral arterial disease and cardiovascular disease. Common materials are stainless steel and/or nickel-titanium alloy.The ideal guide wire should have a combination of the following characteristics:Flexible guide wire to adjust to the
  • Hygea<sup>®</sup> Heparin Antithrombogenic Coating
    Hygea® Heparin Antithrombogenic Coating
    PU coated with heparin coatingCore Advantages:1.Withgood biocompatibility and minimal toxic side effects, device coated with Hygea ™️heparin coating retains its original mechanical strength and other material properties. More importantly, heparin is not degraded wi
  • Indigo™ Phosphorylcholine (PC) Hemocompatible Coating
    Indigo™ Phosphorylcholine (PC) Hemocompatible Coating
    jMedtech Indigo™ PC HemocompatibleCoatingis based on the predominant phospholipid head group found in the outer leaflet of red blood cell membrane. This coating forms an anticoagulant effect on the surface of the device by means of chemical structure. It does not contain any active phar
  • Sleek™ Hydrophilic Antithrombogenic Dual-acting Coating
    Sleek™ Hydrophilic Antithrombogenic Dual-acting Coating
    jMedtech is committed to provide a full-range coating solutions for clinical needs and customers by constantly developing innovative coating products. The self-developed hydrophilic antithrombogenic dual-acting coating is designed to create a surface on the medical devices, that is both hydrophilic
  • Lubricious Antimicrobial Dual-acting Coating
    Lubricious Antimicrobial Dual-acting Coating
    With almost all implantable medical devices facing the risk of infection, hydrophilic antimicrobial coatings are valuable in a wide range of clinical applications. For example, devices such as central venous catheters and urinary catheters that need to be implanted in the human body for 1-2 months w