Question 1: What is the shelf life of the hydrophilic coating solution?

A: One year from the date of production.

Question 2: What is the thickness of the hydrophilic coating?

A: When it is dry, the coating thickness is less than 10 microns. When the coating is wet, it is within 20 microns.

Question 3: How to properly store the hydrophilic coating to extend the "lifetime" of the coating?

A: Hydrophilic coating solution should be stored in room temperature, and kept away from light.

Question 4: What is the workflow of the hydrophilic coating equipment?

A: Process of curing the hydrophilic coating is base coat dip coating, UV curing, top coat dip coating, UV curing. The whole process is automatically done in the coating system.

Question 5: What is the dimension of a regular jMedtech hydrophilic coating equipment?

A: Length*Width*Height =1530*760*2200 (mm).

Question 6: What should I do if the coating is cured unevenly?

A: Good coating appearance can be achieved through parameter tuning. Our coating system is designed specifically with the function of variable pulling speed to solve this problem. The device is rotated 360° during curing process, so that the device surface evenly receives ultraviolet light in all directions.

Question 7: How to ensure a device is fully cured?

A: The key point to fully curing the hydrophilic coating on a device surface is the curing parameters, and the density of the UV lamp. Ensure the UV density at each position within the coating system is even and meets the UV density requirement. 


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