jMedtech-Technical Services
Technical Services
One-stop service
Coating Formulation Development
jMedtech will work with customers to understand their requirements and specifications for the coating. Our R&D team has a formulation database which will guide the product development team to find the most appropriate coating for customer’s application.
Coating Process Development and Qualification
Our experienced engineers will work with customers to transfer the coating parameters and provide technical guidance for coating manufacturing. This includes providing coating equipment and test equipment.
Product registration services
We will assist customers to complete the subsequent product registration process, provide the corresponding documents.
Process technology training
After the equipment is in place, provide the customer with material description documents, and arrange a professional team to provide on-site training and technical support services.
Coating OEM/ODM services
We provide customers with professional coating OEM/ODM services for various types of medical devices.
Technical support for Manufacturing
Our technical support team can provide on-going services to ensure smooth production at our customers’ facilities.